Sustainable Chippendale

A Sustainable Suburb In the Making

Sustainable Chippendale is a community initiative setup to support the Sustainable Streets and Community Plan in Chippendale. If you are passionate about sustainability we'd love you to join us in getting behind this ground breaking project to establish a practical model for sustainable inner city living in Sydney.

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"Got a broken vacuum cleaner? Super! Bring your old and broken e-waste including vacuum cleaners, computers, TVs, phones, and household items with a power cord to the City’s September e-waste drop-off day.

95% of what we collect is recycled."

For more information visit:



Bay Street Depot, Corner of Bay Macarthur Streets(entry through Macarthur Street only) Ultimo 2007 Venue details

Living Mall Community Garden Meeting
6:00 pm18:00

Living Mall Community Garden Meeting

  • Central Park Boardroom Level 3

We are catching up with Megan from Central Park on Wednesday night @6pm in the boardroom of central park level 3 to discuss the possibly housing a community garden on their beautiful outdoor Terrence. Come along if you want to be involved in this project.

Rose Hotel Beer Bible Launch
12:00 pm12:00

Rose Hotel Beer Bible Launch

  • Rose Hotel
The Rose Hotel, Chippendale 

The Rose Hotel, Chippendale 

The lovely people at the Rose Hotel have decided to get behind our organization by supporting us at the launch of their new Beer Bible. All proceeds will be given to Sustainable Chippendale to be used towards our gardening initiatives.

Pop into the Rose on April 6 to grab a copy of the beer bible and donate to this great cause. There will also be live DJs spinning from 3pm and Mike Watt will be painting an artwork live from midday.

So drop in and enjoy an afternoon drink in this famous beer garden while supporting a fantastic community partnership.  

ENDCOUNT Exhibition On Endangered Species
6:00 pm18:00

ENDCOUNT Exhibition On Endangered Species

  • Piermarq, Suite 48, Jones Bay Wharf (Upper Deck)

If you love good art and care about the protection of endangered species this is a must exhibition to attend. 

Endcount is a collaboration between Lily Perthuis and Joe Bramwell-Smith. The name Endcount refers to the current total population of a species that is close to extinction. A number tending towards zero....Learn more & RSVP

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Workshop 2: Advanced Composting, Worm farming & Bokashi

Attendees of this the first workshop will be eligible to attend the free follow up workshop:

‘Advanced Composting, Worm farming & Bokashi Workshop’

The date of the follow up workshop is: Saturday 8th February 2014.

More details coming soon...

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Workshop: An Introduction to Composting, Worm Farming & Bokashi Fermenting

  • Pine St Community Centre


Workshop Description:

Through this workshop inner city dwellers and businesses can improve their knowledge and skills to be successful with composting, worm farming or bokashi fermenting.

Garden waste and food scraps can typically be responsible for about 50% of our household waste. The growing, production, transport and waste of food is the second highest polluter of Earth’s atmosphere after coal-fired power stations. Worm farming and composting are great ways to reduce waste sent to landfill by turning it into nourishing fertiliser for your plants. The enhanced levels of organic matter in the soil will also help to retain moisture in your garden and reduce heat and wind stress to your plants keeping them healthier and more productive. We will look at all of the aspects of these food and garden organic processing approaches and how to get them working as high performance engines to your garden.

 This is a free community workshop - friends & supporters of 'Sustainable Chippendale' are all welcome. REGISTER HERE

This workshop is proudly supported by City of Sydney.

 Workshop will include:

  • Improving your soil and drought proofing your garden with composted organics
  • Benefits of compost
  • Choosing the right options for food waste processing for your circumstances
  • Pros and cons of  compost bays, bins, heaps and tumblers
  • How to set up and manage a trouble free composting system
  • Worm farming and how to keep your worms healthy and productive
  • How to make a DIY Wormfarm or Compost Bin
  • Bokashi fermenting: what is it and will it work for me?
  • Troubleshooting - how to know when you have a problem and what to do about it
  • Useful tools & resources

Refreshments will be provided. REGISTER HERE

Three lucky door prizes will be given away on the day:

  • 1 compost bin
  • 1 bucket of worms & castings
  • 1 bag of Bokashi Mix

 Follow up workshop:

Attendees of this workshop will be eligible to attend the free follow up workshop:

‘Advanced Composting, Worm farming & Bokashi Workshop’

The date of the follow up workshop is: Saturday 8th February 2014.



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Tree Plating This Saturday Nov 16th

  • Tree Planting

Come tree planting this Saturday Nov 16th at 3pm in the verges of Chippendale. 

Meeting @ 3PM our the front of 58 Myrtle St Chippendale. 

Aug 8


  • The House Specialty Coffee

Albert from a team of architectural graduates is putting together an installation as part of this year's BEAMS Arts festival in Chippendale.

Part of the event, called 1:1 (pronounced "one to one") is a one day design and build challenge where they will get teams of architects builders and architecture students to design and build a set of 'micro-pavilions' in a single day.

These 'micro-pavilions' incorporate seating elements but they will also be designed to function as a small planter box or herb garden. At this stage 10 of these objects to be built and set up in a lane way as part of BEAMS festival.

Albert is posposing to donate these 'micro-pavilions' to Sustianable Shippendale after the feativeal.

Come join us on Saturday House Cafe on Shepard St on 10am if you want to be involved with this project.


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Come Gardening Sunday August 4th

  • The House Specialty Coffee Shop

If you love our gardens and compost bins come learn more about how easy it is to get involved.  Join one of our resident underground urban gardeners, Sue, as she prepares her garden bed on Shepard St for the onset of spring. 

When: Sunday August 4th @ 9am

Where: Meet at the House Cafe on Shepard St